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Third Age Fitness has the philosophy that age is no barrier to exercise. Too often we see older adults underestimated, either by themselves or by others around them, but we believe that with a little encouragement, and in the right environment, older adults can build and maintain their physical and mental well being to a level that will see them enjoy and participate in life to the fullest.

Carol and Trudi have been working with older adults in the fitness industry for more than 50 years combined. We love working with older adults, and have worked with thousands of participants to help them and encourage them to use exercise as a way to build strength, confidence, and vitality, which is all so important to maintain as we age.

We have a raft of fitness and health qualifications between us, and are constantly learning new techniques and ways to keep participants engaged and exercising. We are both qualified in Training & Assessment, and our workshop and online courses have been accredited by Physical Activity Australia and Fitness Australia.

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Whether you are an instructor or a participant, manage training for your local council, run the activities program in a nursing home, or want to start an older adults program at your fitness centre, we’d love to hear from you, and help you!

For mentoring, aged care, older adults programming, carers at home, and general enquiries:

Carol Edmeades | Director
carol@thirdagefitness.com.au | 0411 246 741

For training and resources, memberships and participant enquiries:

Trudi Edmeades | Operations Manager
trudi@thirdagefitness.com.au | 0402 138 091

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