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Keeping older adults fit and healthy is our goal, so whether you are an instructor who didn’t realise older adults can plank, or a participant who didn’t realise you can get up off the floor unaided, we want to push those expectations and limitations and stereotypes around older adults.

We offer TRAINING to instructors for how to teach great older adults group fitness classes, as well as council staff and fitness centre staff to give a better understanding of working with older adults.

We offer WORKOUTS for older adult participants to do at home, for carers who are looking after loved ones at home, and to aged care and retirement villages as a part of their co-ordinated activity programs.

We offer RESOURCES for instructors like circuit cards, DVDs, music, and ideas and information for older adults to stay motivated and active.

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Whether you are an older adult wanting a high intensity workout at home, or you're in an aged care facility needing gentle exercise for your residents, we've got a workout to suit you! Browse our store to find the right workout for your fitness level and purchase DVDs that you can use over and over. Buy a bundle and save!
Home workout DVDs

Residential Aged Care

Online and on DVD exercise program

Are you an Activities or Lifestyle Co-ordinator at an aged care facility? Take the stress out of creating new exercises for your residents each week, and let us do the work for you.

Home Carers

Online exercise program

Are you supporting a loved one at home who is living with dementia, cognitive impairment or illness? Keep them exercising and enjoying life with our mobility program.
Workouts for those being care for at home

Support Workers

Online exercise program

Are you a professional assisting clients who live with a cognitive disorder, physical limitation or illness? Want to offer them safe and effective seated workouts in their own homes? Let us help!
Support Workers for Older Adults

About Third Age Fitness

Where age is no barrier to exercise

Third Age Fitness has the philosophy that age is no barrier to exercise. Too often we see older adults underestimated, either by themselves or by others around them, but we believe that with a little encouragement, and in the right environment, older adults can build and maintain their physical and mental well being to a level that will see them enjoy and participate in life to the fullest.

Carol and Trudi have been working with older adults in the fitness industry for more than 50 years combined. We love working with older adults, and have worked with thousands of participants to help them and encourage them to use exercise as a way to build strength, confidence, and vitality, which is all so important to maintain as we age.

We have a raft of fitness and health qualifications between us, and are constantly learning new techniques and ways to keep participants engaged and exercising. We are both qualified in Training & Assessment, and our workshop and online courses have been accredited by Physical Activity Australia and Fitness Australia.


Carol has seen it all during her 50 years of teaching. She has a passion to see older adults reaching their potential, and educating others on how they can support and encourage older adults towards that goal. Carol teaches everything - freestyle aerobics, aqua, circuit, step, mobility, and chair-based classes. Carol has a Certificate IV in Fitness and Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. She has done further training in dementia, pelvic floor, and older adults fitness.
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Managing Director

Trudi loves working with older adults, to see them learn, getting stronger, and challenge themselves. She's been in the fitness industry for over a decade, teaching circuits, freestyle aerobics, and chair-based classes. She loves training others, and has developed numerous accredited courses. Trudi has a Bachelor of Science, Certificate IV in Fitness and Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, with further training in pilates, dementia, and older adults fitness.
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Fitness Consultant

Kayte has been teaching since she was a teenager, and has extensive knowledge and experience working with older adults. She teaches freestyle aerobics, circuit, chair-based and aqua classes, and loves to educate her participants, as well as have a little fun, in all her classes. She's also spent time as a gym instructor, helping people of all ages reach their fitness goals. Kayte has a Certificate IV in Fitness and Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement).
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