Helping older adults

To stay fit and healthy at home

Are you over 50 years of age? Looking to improve your fitness? Start here with home workouts, walking tips, and resources to help you get fitter and stronger.

As we age, our bodies change and adapt and respond to the life they have lived. And we all know that not everything works like it used to! But that's not to say that we can't build up new muscle strength, co-ordination, balance, fitness and agility and build a new stronger body to help us live life to the full and get the most out of our third age!

We hear over and over that we should exercise, because of the physical, mental, social and spiritual benefits - and it's true, we should! But we know it's hard to get motivated sometimes, and there are days that you just don't feel like it.

So, we've done our best to make exercising fun! And add in as much variety as we can to our classes so you get something different in each workout. And also provide as many variations as we can within each workout, so if you have injuries or limitations with your body, you can still join in and do the exercises safely.

We've got so many classes for you to do, and we add in new classes every week, so you'll always have something new to try. It's also good though to repeat a class a few times, as you will get more confident with the exercises, and then you can push yourself a little harder each time.

A lot of our members are avid walkers, and it's a really good idea to get into the habit of a daily walk. Unfortunately though walking isn't enough - our body gets too comfortable because it knows that it can do it. So it's important that you add in weights work, chair and floor work, and resistance work to really challenge the muscles and brain, and make sure the whole body is getting the benefits from exercise.

So, we've got seated, standing and floor-based workouts for you. We've got exercises using bands, balls, weights and even broom handles to really challenge the brain! There really is something here for everyone, and we hope you'll enjoy the workouts that we've put together just for you.

We've also put together tips and tricks for our workouts, How to Guides for using the website, free trials of our memberships, ideas to get you motivated when you're out walking, and information to help you keep healthy.

Free Sample Workouts

Try our exercises for free

Not sure if you can do our workouts, or which membership suits you best? Try a range of our exercises here and see how easy and effective they are, all for free!
Free trial of home workouts for older adults

Where to Start

For new participants and visitors

Are you new to exercising at home? Or still learning how to use the internet? Find instructions on our workouts and how to sign up and start your membership here.
Beginner Guide for Participants

Information Hub

Articles and research just for you

Find here Carol's Catch Up, tips from Trudi, and a range of articles on physical and mental health. They're all specific to older adults to help inspire, educate and challenge your health and well-being.
Health Hub of Information for Older Adults

Member Profiles

Who is an older adult?

Older adults are an extremely diverse group of people! Every older adult has a unique story to tell, and a unique collection of experiences - read about some of them here as our members share about life, ageing, and how they keep healthy.

Trudi's 10

Get ideas and education

Trudi gives you 10 reasons, 10 exercises, or 10 benefits for how to live better and live longer. Get practical advice, suggestions, and ideas for how you can keep improving, keep learning, and keep getting better with age!
Trudi's TEN for Older Adults

Walking Tips

Stay motivated walking the streets

We all know the benefits of walking, but if you are starting to lose a little enthusiasm for your daily walk, try some of these suggestions to keep it interesting.
Walking tips for older adults

Fundraising Partnership

Get fit and fundraise at the same time!

We want to help you stay fit and strong, but we also want to help the fundraising efforts of your local probus, rotary or sporting club. Become a partner with us and we'll donate cash back to your club!
Fundraising for your probus or sporting club

Delicious Recipes

For every occasion

They're not all healthy, they're not all organic, they're not all vegan, they're not all sugar-free - but they are all delicious, and we think that's enough. Everything in moderation, right?
Delicious Recipes for Older Adults