Get fit and fundraise at the same time!

Become a Fundraising Partner with us

We know that many older adults are part of local rotary, Probus, and sporting clubs. These groups are great opportunities for people to stay connected, be involved in their community, and enjoy activities that they might not otherwise get to experience. We also know that these clubs are kept alive by the invaluable support and contributions of their members.

We want to help people keep active and keep exercising, but we also want to help you in your fundraising efforts for your local club.

Become a Fundraising Partner and we will donate cash back to your club for every membership taken out by a club member! That means for every monthly membership of $24.99, we will donate $5 back to the club every month for the lifetime of the membership. And for every annual membership of $249.99 taken out, we will donate $50 back to the club for every year of that membership.

This is a huge benefit for members who want to stay healthy and fit, who will also be able to feel good about contributing to the fundraising efforts of their community or sporting club. It's also a win-win for clubs - members keep healthy and stay involved for longer, while making money at the same time!

Not only do we offer fundraising opportunities for your group or club, we can also contribute articles to newsletters, speak at meetings and club events in person or via Zoom, run tours and activities, or provide videos for websites and Facebook pages.!

Talk to us today about becoming a Fundraising Partner by calling Carol on 0411 246 741 or emailing [email protected].