Sample workouts

For older adults and seniors exercising at home

Do you want to take charge of your health? Do you want to build muscle, improve your balance, and increase your cardiovascular fitness? Are you ready to start your home exercise program today? You've come to the right place!

We have a huge range of workouts available for older adults and seniors who want to choose how they exercise, and when and where they do their workouts - we know you've got a busy life and can't always commit to an exercise class at the same time every week.

Our workouts are all designed with you in mind. We have high intensity cardio routines, seated gentle exercise, standing balance work, and challenging core workouts, that all come with variations and adaptations if you have an injury or limitation to work around.

We've include a sample of our workouts below to get you started, and give you an idea of the variety in our online membership. If you're not sure where to start, click on the links below to do our Beginners Guide or read our tips and tricks for getting started at home. Select the workout that sounds right for you and see how you go! And when you're ready, start your online membership that will give you unlimited access to dozens of workouts that you can do over and over!

Take control and invest in your health today -
you've only got one body, so let's make the most of it!

Check out these additional resources to make the most of our workouts:
Workout Descriptions - Find the style and intensity that is right for you
Tips & Technique - Get the most out of your home workout
Beginners Guide - Enrol in our free beginners program to learn all the basic moves
Membership Options - Start your online membership today!
DVD catalogue - No internet? Choose from our range of home workout DVDs!

When you click on the image or workout title below, you'll be taken to our YouTube channel where you can complete the workout.

Low intensity workouts (Happy Heart)

SIT Strength Heart
Equipment: Chair, band (9 mins)
STAND Strength Heart
Equipment: Weights (10 mins)
Equipment: Chair, weights (11 mins)
STAND Strength Heart
Equipment: Weights (10 mins)

Medium intensity workouts (Zippy Zest)

STAND Cardio Zest
Equipment: n/a (12 mins)
STAND Strength Zest
Equipment: Weights (10 mins)
Floor Stretches
Equipment: Mat (10 mins)
SIT Strength Zest
Equipment: Chair, weights (8 mins)

High intensity workouts (Power Plus)

SIT Cardio Plus
Equipment: Chair (11 mins)
Equipment: Band (11 mins)
STAND Cardio Plus
Equipment: n/a (12 mins)
STAND Strength Plus
Equipment: Weights (10 mins)