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We keep it as simple as possible for you to find the workout you want, so we break our classes down into Category, Style, and Intensity.

STYLE: Cardio, Strength, Core
INTENSITY: Heart, Zest, Plus

For example:
SIT Strength Zest #03 = SIT (category) Strength (style) Zest (intensity) #03 (number)

SIT – All workouts are chair-based. There may be a standing warm-up, or standing leg exercises holding on to the chair, but most of the workout will be completed sitting down. This style of workout is suited to those with mobility issues, such as needing crutches or a walking stick, or those who are not confident moving around on their feet. Exercising isn’t easier just because you are sitting down, you’ll still be getting a great workout for the whole body.

STAND – All classes are performed upright, and usually involve a lot of movement, so you’ll need a little space in your room to complete these workouts. This style of workout is suited for people of all fitness levels and abilities. Adapt as you need if you have injuries, conditions or environments limiting your movement.

LIE – These are floor-based workouts that may start standing up, but most of the time will be spent on the floor on a mat. This style of workout requires some strength and co-ordination to be able to move down to the floor and stand back up. If you have trouble with this, just make sure you have a chair nearby to help you back up.

Cardio – These routines will get the blood pumping around the body in no time! They are designed to elevate the heart rate so you might be puffing by the end. They involve arms and legs co-ordinating together, and can combine both low impact (like marching) and high impact (like jumping) moves. Some workouts are choreographed aerobics routines, others will be a series of separate exercises. If you are new to choreographed aerobics routines, try our Free Beginner Guide to learn the moves and their names, before you do one of our workouts.

Strength – It is important to build and maintain your muscle strength as you age, and include strength classes in your weekly routine. These workouts combine arm and leg exercises using hand weights, balls, bands, or just body weight. If you don’t have any weights, don’t worry – find something heavy at home like books, milk cartons, or bags of oranges. If you are new to using and lifting weights, members can do our Complete Beginner Guide to learn the proper technique for the common exercises that we use in our classes.

Core – Healthy strong abdominals are an integral part of a healthy strong body. These classes help to identify and strengthen those abdominal muscles through a series of floor-based exercises. Options are always provided if you have lower back issues or are new to floor workouts.

Heart (low) – This is our introductory level where exercises and routines are performed at a pace where you can learn and adapt. Exercises will be demonstrated and technique taught as you perform each move, and this is where anyone new to our workouts should begin.

Zest (medium) – These classes pick up the pace a little, as well as increasing the complexity of cardio routines and exercises. They are for more experienced participants who have done our classes before, and have a good understanding of the moves and exercises that we do.

Plus (high) – If you really want to push yourself, try our Plus workouts where everything happens faster! Exercises, routines and workouts are harder, the music is faster, and we sweat a lot more too! To safely and correctly perform these workouts you must be experienced and confident with both the workouts, and the limits of your body.
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