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For older adults and professionals

At Third Age Fitness we are continually looking for ways that we can help equip you, whether you are an older adult, fitness instructor, in aged care, or a health care professional.

For aged care co-ordinators and lifestyle program managers, we have our Mobility Masters DVD range that offers residents a fun workout from the safety and comfort of a chair - check out our full Mobility Masters DVD range.

For fitness professionals, we have an extensive range of over 200 A4 colour laminated circuit cards that can be used in group fitness classes. Cards utilise a variety of equipment such as bands, balls, steps, weights and fitballs, as well as body weight, wall, and floor exercises - check out our wide range of circuit cards.

And for older adults and seniors who want to exercise at home, we have just the thing for you too, with our complete range of DVD home workouts. Pick and choose the workouts you want from our three series - Happy Heart for low intensity works, Zippy Zest for medium intensity workouts, and Power Plus for high intensity. Each DVD includes two brand new workouts, and you can purchase a single DVD, a pack if you want added variety, or a bundle of three DVDs if you want to save money! Start browsing now to see our full range of agility home workout DVDs.

If you are looking to purchase larger quantities or different combinations, if you require an invoice or want to take advantage of our five pack super special for circuit cards, please email [email protected].
Mobility Masters DVDs for gentle seated exercise

Three great workouts on one DVD for private use, or for aged care residences, community centres, and retirement villages to enjoy together. Use bands, spoons, balls and scarves, along with freestyle routines, to build strength, flexibility and mobility.
Mobility Freestyle DVDs for gentle seated exercise

Two new workouts from Carol on each DVD that focus on improving strength, mobility, and co-ordination, all while having a little fun too. Use at home, with someone you're caring for, or in an aged care community setting. No equipment necessary!
Mobility Freestyle exercise DVDs for seniors and older adults
Agility Workouts for higher intensity fitness programs

Seated and standing cardio and strength workouts, as well as core and balance work, in a range of styles that use ball, band, mat, chair and weights. Choose from low intensity Happy Heart, through to high intensity Power Plus workouts.
Mobility Freestyle exercise DVDs for seniors and older adults
Better Balance DVDs to improve balance

Two workouts from Trudi that focus on improving balance, strength and co-ordination through a series of low intensity standing exercises, using a chair to assist balance. Balance naturally deteriorates as we age, but we can stop the decline with regular training. Includes bonus stretches!
Balance exercise DVDs for seniors and older adults
Circuit cards for fitness professionals

Need new ideas for your circuit classes? Or need help to start your class on time? Explore our extensive range of over 200 cards to make teaching so much easier.
Circuit cards for fitness professionals
Looking for some inspiration for your next older adults class? Why not run a circuit class? We've done the work for you so you can set out the cards and get started in minutes!

Our A4 circuit cards come in packs of 8, are full colour, laminated and durable. They are easy to read and follow, including picture and description, so participants can follow along, even when you're helping another participant. We have a huge range of over 200 cards - select from below or view the full range now!

1 Pack (8 cards): $25
2 Pack Combo (16 cards): $44 (save $6)
5 Pack Bundle (40 cards): $100 (save $25!)