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Cost: AU$349 | Duration: 12 hours

Looking for new skills? A new career path? Want to add longevity to your fitness career? Why not learn how to teach chair-based exercise to older adults and seniors?
Older adult fitness is a quickly expanding market, so now is a great time to get equipped and trained up so you are ready to teach chair-based exercise to an ever increasing older adult population.

If you're already teaching fitness classes to older adults, chair-based exercise can be a great addition or alternative to your program, and we offer you over 300 different chair-based exercises that will add a heap of variety to your classes.

Chair-Based Exercise for Older Adults will teach you all the benefits of chair-based exercise, and help you understand why it's such a great option for many older adults. We'll also share with you the research that proves how beneficial this style of exercise is, for older adults of any fitness level.

This is the definitive guide to chair-based exercise.
It is a unique training course that you cannot find anywhere else.
We've got so many exercises for you - high intensity seated cardio, upper and lower body strength exercises, standing aerobics, stretches, core work, and low intensity mobility exercises. We give you practical demonstrations of every single exercise, as well as PDF handouts that you can print off and take with you to class. We also provide sample 30 minute workouts so you can see what it looks like when we put together all the exercise!

By the end of the course we hope that you have learnt new or afresh that:
* Older adults is a growing population, and exercise is the best way to keep them happy and healthy!
* Chair-based exercise is easy, accessible and adaptable to people of all backgrounds, experiences, and fitness levels.
* There is so much you can do sitting on a chair!
* There are huge benefits for older adults who participate in chair-based exercise, with improvements seen in strength, flexibility, co-ordination and cardiovascular fitness.

The course is 100% online with no video submissions required - assessment is an online multiple choice quiz. You can stop and start the course as many times as you need to, and you'll have access to the course content for 12 months.

So if you're looking for a career change, or to add new exercises and challenges into your older adults classes, then start our Chair-Based Exercise for Older Adults course now!

Duration: 12 hours
Cost: AU$349
Materials: Handouts for 300 exercises provided
Accreditation: 3PDPs, 9CECs, 30pts, 10CPDs
Access: 12 months

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5 star rating

Money well spent

Duncan Craig

I have been working solely with the older adults demographic as a group exercise instructor for almost five years now. I use chair-based exercise in a numbe...

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I have been working solely with the older adults demographic as a group exercise instructor for almost five years now. I use chair-based exercise in a number of my classes, including bodyweight, resistance band and dumbbell exercises. While I have a wide repertoire of exercises, I found that this course gave me lots of new ideas for varying my training offering. The course was well structured and presented. I considered it was money well spent.

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5 star rating

Amazing course!

Lana Danilov

I’ve got so much from this course! Every morning I practice new exercises with my residents in aged care and they love it!

I’ve got so much from this course! Every morning I practice new exercises with my residents in aged care and they love it!

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Welcome to our course!

  • 2

    Chapter 1: The theory behind chair-based exercise

    • Lesson 1: Older adults and ageing

    • Lesson 2: Introducing chair-based exercise

    • Lesson 3: Benefits of chair-based exercise

    • Lesson 4: What the research says

  • 3

    Chapter 2: Warming up

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 5: Warm-up exercises

  • 4

    Chapter 3: Chair Aerobics Exercises

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 6: Lower body exercises

    • Lesson 7: Upper body exercises

    • Lesson 8: Standing exercises

    • Lesson 9: Combo exercises

    • EXAMPLE: SIT Cardio Zest Workout

  • 5

    Chapter 4: Seated Cardio Exercise

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 10: Seated lower body exercises

    • Lesson 11: Seated upper body exercises

    • Lesson 12: Arm exercises for marching

    • Lesson 13: Marching variations

    • Lesson 14: Pot luck

    • EXAMPLE: SIT Cardio Plus Workout

  • 6

    Chapter 5: Standing Strength Exercises

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 15: Standing Beside Chair

    • Lesson 16: Standing Behind Chair

    • Lesson 17: Using Chair

    • EXAMPLE: COMBO Zest Workout

  • 7

    Chapter 6: Seated Strength Exercises

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 18: Lower body strength exercises

    • Lesson 19: Upper body strength exercises

    • Lesson 20: Upper body flexibility exercises

    • Lesson 21: Combination strength exercises

    • EXAMPLE: SIT Strength Heart Workout

  • 8

    Chapter 7: Core Exercises

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 22: Lower Body Exercises

    • Lesson 23: Upper Body Exercises

    • EXAMPLE: Core Workout

  • 9

    Chapter 8: Cooldown

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 24: Seated lower body exercises

    • Lesson 25: Seated upper body exercises

    • Lesson 26: Standing stretches

    • EXAMPLE: Stretches Workout

  • 10

    Chapter 9: Mobility Exercises

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 27: Warm-up mobility exercises

    • Lesson 28: Lower body mobility exercises

    • Lesson 29: Upper body mobility exercises

    • EXAMPLE: Mobility Exercise

  • 11

    Assessment & Completion

    • Assessment Notice

    • Assessment Quiz

    • Successful completion

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Chair-based exercise is great for older adults!

Not sure why chair-based exercise is so great? See Trudi & Carol discuss their top 10 reasons for why you should be offering chair-based exercise in your classes now!