Having a Ball: Mobility Exercises

Cost: AU$40 | Duration: 1.5 hours

Do you work with older populations in retirement villages or aged care residences? Have you thought about adding a ball into your exercise program? Including a ball adds so much variety and so much fun to your exercises, so it can be a great way to keep clients entertained while they train!

Our Having a Ball: Mobility Exercises online course gives you fifty ball exercises that you can do with your participants. All of the exercises are safe and effective for building strength, improving mobility, and challenging co-ordination. These low intensity seated exercises are designed specifically for people with mobility restrictions or limited fitness, and we give you lots of adaptations so you can make them easier or harder to suit your classes too.

Included in the course:
   • Video demonstrations of all the exercises, as well as tips, technique and modifications so you can teach them confidently
   • Handouts with every exercise, to make it easy for you to design your own classes offline
   • An example class so you can see how Carol puts together a mobility ball class
   • Lots of reasons why balls are a great addition to your mobility classes

If you are working with frail populations, or are looking to start working in retirement villages and aged care, then this is a great course designed just for you, so you can be sure you are giving the older adult clients a great workout every single time.

The course is 100% online with no video submissions required - assessment is an online multiple choice quiz. You can stop and start the course as many times as you need to, and you'll have access to the course content for 12 months.

A Course Manual is available for electronic download to guide you through the course. Keep your notes together in one place, refer back to our tips for teaching gentle exercise, print off exercise summaries to take to class, and get full descriptions of every exercise so you don't forget variations and technique. This is a wonderful resource to keep you teaching effectively for years to come.

AU$40 (or $47 with Course Manual)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Handouts: 5 free summary sheets (50 exercises)
Course Manual: $7 (36 pages)
Accreditation: 1 CPD, FITREC Level B (CECs and PDPs by application)
Online Access: 12 months

Course Manual

Purchase the full colour 36-page electronic Course Manual for easy access and future reference. Includes full descriptions of every exercise, exercise summary sheets, tips for leading gentle exercise, and hazards to keep an eye out for.
Course Manual

Pricing options

Add 36-page course manual for only $7

Course Introduction

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Benefits of balls

  • 2

    The exercises

    • Upper body exercises with a ball

    • Lower body exercises with a ball

    • Core exercises with a ball

    • Co-ordination exercises with a ball

    • Flexibility exercises with a ball

    • Sample ball workout

  • 3


    • Assessment Notice

    • Assessment

    • Successful completion

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