Mobility Membership

For older adults to maintain mobility

Our Mobility Membership is for older adults who enjoy a slightly slower pace, but still want to be strengthening their bodies. All our classes are seated, and include upper and lower body exercises that help to maintain your strength, flexibility, and co-ordination. If you have mobility issues, aren’t too steady on your feet, or struggle with vertigo, then this series of workouts is a great option for you.

Membership gives you access to 30 seated mobility classes, as well as balance and stretching exercises. Every class is different, and we include balls, bands, weights, scarves and spoons, to really keep things fun for you! If you don’t have these things, that’s alright, we always give you options and variations that you can do without the equipment and still get a good workout.

Our online membership means that you can access your weekly exercise program from the safety and comfort of home, or you can do it on your phone or laptop when you're travelling away from home. You can do as many workouts as you want, at any time you want, so there are no excuses for not doing your daily exercises!

Benefits of Membership

Membership to our website opens up a huge range of exercises for you to try, as well as lots of other benefits:

* Access to our library of mobility workouts
* Balance workouts, with handouts
* Stretching workouts, with handouts
* Trudi's 10 videos and articles
* Initial phone/Zoom consultation with Carol to tailor your workouts
* Regular enewsletter
* Different workouts added each quarter
* Discounts to future events and online courses

Membership is available on a monthly basis and you can cancel any time. Or, if you want to save money, buy an annual subscription for 12 months and get two months for free!

If you have questions about membership, payments and accounts, check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this and a range of other topics.

Membership Pricing

Subscribe monthly, or save money with an annual subscription

  • $24.99 / month

    Monthly Subscription

  • $249.99 / year

    Annual Subscription

Watch Intro Video

Sample Mobility Freestyle Workout

Endorsed by osteopath Dr Sarah Martorella ...

"There is so much variety for any level of fitness here! I love the cardio and strength options for those who want to build better heart and lung fitness too.

The ability to try good quality, full length, free classes gives you a chance to see if the classes are right for you and gives you a head start without having to join up straight away. But when the time comes to learn more, get some variety and build on your fitness there is a smorgasbord of routines to choose from.

As an osteopath, I'm glad to see these resources are available and will be recommending them to my clients. I am happy to endorse Third Age Fitness and their range of great instructors and great workouts, that are safe and effective for older adults of all ages and all abilities.

Well done to the team there."

Dr Martorella has been a registered and practicing Osteopath for 20 years. ​She loves exercise and fitness and value its role in her own physical and mental well-being. With older adults, she has a special interest in managing joint replacements, and caring for patients with osteoporosis, arthritis, dementia and incontinence (hopefully not all the above for any one person)! You can find Dr Sarah at Oak Tree Osteopathy in Melbourne, Australia.