Fun group workouts

For older adults to build and maintain mobility

Are you an Activities or Lifestyle Co-ordinator at an aged care facility? Take the stress out of creating new exercises for your residents each week, and let us do the work for you.

We are passionate about keeping older adults moving, so we've created a specialised older adults exercise program for aged care facilities that means they can provide their residents with a fun, safe, and effective exercise program with minimum fuss.

We all know how important it is for older adults to stay active, especially if a lot of their day is spent reading, watching tv, or resting. Study after study shows how regular structured exercise improves strength, balance, confidence, vitality, and overall enjoyment of life. We also know that it can be hard for aged care facilities to provide a quality exercise program to residents because of constraints on resources.

Our classes are designed to be done in a group setting, with an Activities/Lifestyle Co-ordinator or staff member present to facilitate and help residents perform the exercises correctly. Carol, our instructor onscreen, is fully qualified and experienced in older adults exercise, and passionate about keeping classes interesting and with lots of variety. We use bands, balls, scarves, weights and wooden spoons in our workouts, but if you don't have this equipment available, we give you variations so residents can still participate.

We ensure that we teach the exercises, not just demonstrate. Carol is always reminding about proper technique to ensure they are doing exercises safely, and giving participants lots of time to learn new exercises and perform them well. We also know that every resident is unique and may not be able to do all that we are demonstrating, so Carol will often break down exercises into different levels so participants can perform the exercises according to their own abilities.

Our exercise program comes in two formats. You can purchase from our Mobility Masters DVD range, with each DVD including three different classes. Alternatively, you can take out an Aged Care Online Membership Subscription that gives you six different classes each month for you to choose from, and you can do as many classes each month as you would like. This gives residents lots of variety and new challenges regularly.

See a sample workout below, take up a 21 Day Free Trial to try our workouts, order your DVDs, or sign up to an Aged Care membership for new workouts every month - so many options for you to choose from!

If you would like further information visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Carol directly. We look forward to helping you provide a quality exercise program to your residents, and for those older adults to have a great time participating in it!
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Sample Mobility Freestyle Workout

Staff Training Available

Do you have staff who are new to facilitating exercises with residents? Sign up to our 30 minute online course to get an understanding of what to look out for, how to do it well, and how to keep residents engaged and moving.
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Get three great workouts on one DVD when you buy from our Mobility Masters Series. Choose from bands & spoons or balls & scarves, and get exercising today!
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