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Who is behind Third Age Fitness?
Trudi and Carol are a mother and daughter team that have dedicated their lives to see older adults as healthy and happy as they can be - age is no barrier to exercise, and there is always an alternative on offer if need be! We encourage older adults to work as hard as they can, as best as they can, for as long as they can, as that’s all you can do. We are not affiliated with any fitness centres.

We are specialized older adults instructors, and have decades of experience teaching and working with older adults. We are fully qualified, continually learning new techniques and exercises, and our instructor training courses are recognized by Australia’s two leading accreditation bodies.


Do I have to create an account?
Yes. Each home, residence and facility that wants to access our free trial or take out a membership subscription will need to create an account.

What do you do with my account information?
Third Age Fitness does not use personal and company information for any other purpose without first seeking consent, unless authorized or required by law. Generally, we only use and disclose personal and company information to establish and maintain our relationship with you, and provide and manage products and services to you.

Will you share my personal information with another business or website?
Absolutely not. We will not disclose any information that we gather about you to any third party. We use the information collected only for the services we provide.

Technical Requirements

I don’t know if your videos will work with our system?
If you aren’t sure whether our videos will work on your computer or connect to your TV, we encourage you to test the features and system requirements of our online membership through our 10 Day Free Trial, before selecting any paid plan. Because you have the opportunity to test the system before you make a purchase, we won’t issue refunds on the basis of customers not understanding the system requirements, or the presence of compatibility issues, including inadequate internet speed or consistency, or incompatible devices, operating systems, or browser software versions.

Can I connect your workouts to a TV?
If you have a SMART TV, you will be able to connect a laptop to the computer via cables or the internet. You can also log in to our workouts on a smart phone and then connect to a TV that way. You can also use Chromecast to play our videos.


What classes are included in a membership?
We have lots of different classes for your residents! We use a variety of equipment to keep challenging the residents - weights, bands, balls, scarves and wooden spoons! All of our workouts are seated, and include a warm up and cool down exercises.

I’ve got residents with injuries and mobility issues - can they still participate?
Yes! Instructor Carol is experienced with older adults and knows that not everything works as well as it used to. Throughout her workouts she will give variations for those who cannot complete the exercise due to an injury or limitation. There are always alternatives, and we try and give you as many as we can as we do our workouts.

Who are the workouts designed for?
Your residents! Our mobility exercises are specifically designed for those living in aged care or nursing homes, and who have challenges with their balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination. We try our best to put together great workouts that will challenge the body and the mind, and help your residents keep moving.


How do I pay for my membership?
Membership is paid in advance by credit card. You can choose either a monthly or annual subscription, and both renew automatically. If you would prefer to pay via invoice, please contact us to arrange this.

What is the difference between monthly and annual membership?
You still get the same access to our classes, but if you buy an annual membership you get two months FREE each year, so you will save money in the long run.

Can I use our membership at multiple locations?
No. Each facility, home, and residence must have it’s own membership subscription.

Can I cancel our membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time, either by logging in to your account and cancelling or sending us an email. We do not offer refunds or credits for partial months of service, and don’t offer refunds for months unused. In order to treat everyone equally, exceptions will only be made in exceptional circumstances.