Exercise for NDIS participants

Participate any time from anywhere!

We all know how important it is to exercise every day. And we also know how hard that can be because of ill-health, busy schedules, lack of resources, and sometimes just not knowing where to start!

For NDIS participants we know there are additional challenges too, so we're here to help make access to exercise as easy as possible.

We are committed to seeing people of all abilities engaging and participating in exercise that we know will help them live life to the fullest, and we want to try and break down as many barriers as people might have that stop them from exercising.

It can be hard to get out of the house some days - you may not have access to public transport, or funds to pay for taxis, or family and friends to drive you to the local gym. Our online workouts are ideal then for people who don't want to, or aren't able to leave the home - you can do our workouts from the comfort and safety of your own home where no-one is watching!

It can be hard to fit all the services that you want and need into your NDIS plan, and sometimes it requires a little shuffling. Our online membership costs only $24.99 per month, which is much cheaper than attending the gym or a fitness class every week. And with our online workouts you can do as many as you like, as often as you like, every month.

If you are working with a disability support worker who comes at set times each day or each week, get them to join you! Online membership means that you can access your workouts at any time of day or night, so you can find the best time that suits you. There really are no excuses!

Our online Agility Membership is ideal for NDIS participants looking for something a little more active. We have standing, chair, and floor workouts, as well as balance and stretching exercises to give the whole body a complete workout. We also have a range of intensity levels, so whether you are looking for something to get the heart pumping, or you're looking for gentle exercise, we've got something for you. Choose the workout you want to do, hit play, and you'll be exercising in no time!

Membership fees with us can be claimed with the NDIS as an Allied Health Service under Capacity Building. We are not able to provide individual assessments or reports at this time.

We have memberships available for individuals, for carers looking after loved ones at home, and for support workers exercising with clients.

For more information about our exercise programs click the links below or reach out via our Contact page.