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Online exercise program for older adults at home

Are you a professional assisting clients who live with a cognitive disorder, physical limitation or illness? Want to offer them safe and effective seated workouts in their own homes? Let us help! Are you a professional carer who is looking for an enjoyable and effective activity that you can do with your client? Choose when and where you engage with our online seated exercise program that will aid clients to build strength and mobility. Care for the health and well-being of your clients while you have a little fun.

Let us help you! Our programs are designed to make your job easier, and make the lives better for those living with dementia, or an illness that has led to limited mobility and age-related challenges. We keep the participant active and engaged through the use of a variety of equipment, such as balls, bands, spoons, weights and scarves.

Membership is on a monthly basis, and provides access to a library of exercise videos online, and you can do our workouts as many times as you want during that time. We provide new workouts every month so the participant is continually learning and being challenged.

Membership is tax-deductable! Start your membership now by selecting your monthly subscription below, or for further information contact us directly.

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