10 Exercises

For when you've been sitting too long

Trudi's TEN for Older Adults
If you're sitting at a desk, reading a book, in the car or on a plane travelling, it's important to get the body moving each and every hour. Set an alarm or keep an eye on the clock so you can get moving at regular intervals to keep the blood flowing and keep your brain active.

Exercise #1: Marching in & out
1. Stand tall, march the feet out wide and then in together, stepping out, out, in, in.
2. Swing arms.

Exercise #2: Toe touches
1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and a slight bend in the knees.
2. Drop chin down, curl shoulders forward, let arms hang, and roll down to touch touches.
3. Curl back and roll slowly back up.

Exercise #3: Breaststroke
1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Reach both arms straight forward.
2. Keeping arms up at shoulder level, draw elbows back behind the body, then circle hands across the body and back to reaching straight forward.

Exercise #4: Side arm swings
1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart.
2. Take both arms together up to one side, keeping arms straight and reaching as high as possible.
3. Swing across body and up to other side.
4. Repeat swinging side to side, keeping the arms and shoulders relaxed.

Exercise #5: Looking up/down
1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and arms relaxed by sides.
2. Gently tilt head to look up to the roof. Lower chin to look at the floor.
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Exercise #6: Punch forward
1. Take feet out a little wider than shoulder width, and bend knees slightly.
2. Punch arms forward, alternating left and right arms.
3. Pick up the pace and punch a little faster, embracing abdominal muscles.

Exercise #7: Leg swings
1. Hold on to a chair or table and stand tall with shoulders back.
2. Swing one leg forward and back, keeping both legs straight.
3. Avoid swinging or turning hips.

Exercise #8: Overhead side leans
1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, and hands together reaching overhead.
2. Slowly bend torso and take hands over to the side, making sure not to move hips to the side.
3. Keep abdominal muscles braced and repeat on other side.

Exercise #9: Head turns
1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and arms relaxed by sides.
2. Gently turn head to look left, keeping both shoulders pulled back.
3. Repeat other side.

Exercise #10: Elbow circles
1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Bend elbows and hold hands at chest level.
2. Lift one elbow up and circle to back, while bringing opposite elbow forward and circling up.
3. Repeat circling in other direction.
Watch Trudi demonstrate each of the exercises on our YouTube channel HERE!