Workouts just for you

To build up your strength, balance, and fitness

Are you an older adult and looking for a home workout? Can't leave the house or get to a local gym? Why not try one of our workouts from the comfort and safety of your own home – you might just need to push aside a chair or roll up the mat to make sure it’s a safe space. We recommend that you see your doctor before starting any exercise program.

We have a sample of our workouts below, categorised into SIT, STAND, and LIE, and broken up into Heart (low intensity), Zest (medium intensity) and Plus (high intensity). We also have our low-intensity Freestyle workout as an example of our Mobility exercises.

Not sure what to do first? Visit our Where to Start page to see our Beginner Guide, How To Guides, and Class Descriptions.

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Chair-Based Cardio & Strength Workouts

Our chair-based workouts are designed for those who may struggle with balance, or standing for long periods of time, or have mobility issues. The workouts aim to build strength, mobility and flexibility, and cardio fitness, through both standing and seated exercises.

Sample: SIT Cardio Plus

Sample: SIT Strength Zest


Standing Cardio & Strength Workouts

Our cardio workouts are in the form of a standing freestyle aerobics routine, whereas our Strength workouts incorporate a range of exercises to build upper and lower body strength, using various equipment.

Sample: STAND Cardio Zest

Sample: STAND Strength Heart


Floor-based Core & Strength Workouts

Our LIE workouts are floor-based, built on the principles of Pilates. Workouts are designed to build and train your core and pelvic floor muscles, as well as stretch and strengthen your whole body.

Sample: LIE Core Heart


Low Intensity Seated Exercises

Our Mobility exercises are seated classes focusing on maintaining and improving flexibility, co-ordination and strength. They are low intensity exercises using balls, bands, spoons, scarves and weights to keep challenging your brain and body. 

Sample: Freestyle