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Inaugural member Lyn shares some of her story

Lyn was our inaugural member - the first to sign up and take out a membership with Third Age Fitness when we launched our online program in July last year. We thought who better to feature in our first member profile than our first member? Trudi sat down for a chat to ask Lyn about what keeps her motivated.
Name: Lyn
Age: 70
Membership: Older Adults Agility
Member Since: 2020

Tell us a little about yourself
I have been retired now for 14 years, I’ve been married for 48 years, and I have moved house more times than I ever wanted to. Thankfully I am very happy where we are living presently, in a lovely townhouse that has just the right amount of garden, and great neighbours too. My 91 year old Italian neighbour loves to cook and during lockdown she was making magnificent Italian dishes for all of us. I really hope to be like her when I am her age.

I am an artist and had the very good fortune of painting Judith Durham for the Archibald Prize in the mid 2000s. My painting was shown at the Melbourne exhibition and Judith now owns it. During lockdown I painted a commission piece that took me literally hundreds of hours. The painting is now hanging in the owner’s home and I was glad to see the back side of it!
Lyn with Judith Durham and her Archibald painting
How long have you been exercising? What did ‘exercise’ look like when you were younger?
I’ve been exercising since I was about five years old, when I used to walk to and from kindergarten, then school and then the tram to the city for work. We were a generation of walkers, but it wasn’t really ‘exercise’ then, it was just life. I also did calisthenics and played a bit of tennis and netball. I’m not a natural athlete, but I’ve always had a go at sports. My mum was also a great walker, so maybe that’s in the genes.

How do you feel about ageing and getting older?
There is no use complaining about getting older. There are certainly a few more aches, pains and wrinkles, but if you sit and worry about them then life is just going to pass you by. In my own mind I feel no older 50, even though my body tells me otherwise! I’m very grateful to still be healthy and not have any major health issues.

What does ‘exercise’ look like for you now?
My husband and I walk as often as we can, and my aim is to do three TAF online classes a week, which I have been able to do during lockdown.

Have you noticed any improvements or changes in your health and fitness since starting our classes?
Back in 2016 I had a bad attack of vertigo which left me feeling a bit vulnerable. Your [Trudi] online classes often feature balance and this helps me no end - I’m grateful there are balance exercises included to help me improve in that area. When I don’t exercise I know I’m not as strong as I should be, and when I exercise I definitely feel stronger and better in myself. It’s not always easy to get going, but once I do I feel the benefits certainly are worth it.

What motivates you and keeps you exercising?
I want to stay healthy and agile for as long as possible. I have friends who use walking sticks and can barely get up my front steps, and I don’t want to be like that. They’ve also had problems with knees and hips, and I want to avoid those problems if I can. I turned 70 last year, but my birthday celebrations were cancelled like so many other things in everyone’s life. Sure, I’ve slowed down a little, but my aim is to maintain good physical and mental health for as long as possible by keeping my body moving and my brain active. My all-time inspiration was a pastor at the church I used to attend. He started his second doctorate when he was 75 and never stopped learning and trying new things. As far as exercise I know he regularly walked his dog well into his 80s, and died just short of reaching 100.

What do you like about Third Age Fitness workouts?
I did a Combo class a few days ago that featured a great warm-up, followed by a weights workout, and balance exercises. I went back and did the next Combo class which was similar, but had lots of lunges and squatting - I wasn’t so appreciative the next day, but I know it’s doing me good. I love the variety, and that if I feel like doing weights, or doing aerobics I can choose that, or I can do a Combo class and get a surprise. What more could you want?

I find the workouts on the website very easy to access. I’ve added the website to my Favourites Bar on my computer, so I simply click on that, log in, and pick my workout. Carol actually showed me the Favourites Bar and this has made it even quicker to get to. If people need help with this I’m sure you [Trudi] can lend a hand!

Why should older adults take out a Third Age Fitness membership?
To maintain good health it is quite clear that we need to move. I took out my membership because I have always enjoyed face to face classes with you both [Trudi & Carol], and I wanted to keep moving during COVID lockdown. Taking out a membership with Third Age Fitness is easy and it’s almost like having a personal trainer - I spend more on my chai lattes each month than I do on my membership, so what price can you put on good health? I highly recommend taking out a membership.

What are you looking forward to in the future?
Travelling is one of my favourite things to do, and there is still much I look forward to exploring, even though international travel is off the books. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity and ability to travel to so many amazing places in my life - all over Europe, UK, USA and Asia. My all time favourite places were Egypt, Israel and Jordan though. Now because of restrictions, we’ll be adventuring around our own beautiful country, and will continue to for as long as we are able.