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Are you supporting a loved one at home who is living with dementia, cognitive impairment or illness? Keep them exercising and enjoying life with our mobility program.

If you're caring for a loved one at home and not sure how to keep them moving, or what exercises to do, let us help with a fun exercise program that you can do at home. You know the importance of keeping active and staying mobile, so we want to help you and your loved one do just that. Our Home Carers Membership is designed for carers who are supporting those living at home with dementia, an illness such as Parkinson's Disease or multiple sclerosis, or those living with cognitive impairment.

Our workouts are designed to be safe, effective and enjoyable, so we include lots of variety in every 30 minute session. You can do the exercises with the person you care for, or just be present to assist them as needed, and we include balls, bands, weights, scarves and wooden spoons to really keep things entertaining! It doesn't matter if you don't have these resources, as we offer lots of options in each workout for those who have limitations, injuries, or don't have the equipment.

Membership gives you access to all of our mobility exercises, and we add a new class every week! You can complete each class as many times as you want to - we think that repetition is important, to allow participants to gain confidence in their exercises as they keep practicing, so we encourage you to do each class a number of times.

You can view a sample 30 minute workout below, try our 10 Day Free Trial to see workouts using the different equipment, or start your monthly membership now to get access to our new classes.

If you would like further information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact us directly. We look forward to helping you provide a quality exercise program to the person you are caring for, and for those older adults to have a great time participating in it!

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