Understanding Older Adults

A short course to raise awareness and understanding

Older adults are a special age group, that are facing unique challenges and undergoing complex changes. This course speaks to some of those challenges and changes, such as what is happening physically, physiologically, and psychologically for older adults, and how we can better adapt and respond to those changes.

We want to change how we communicate with older adults, show compassion and care, and treat older adults with the respect and understanding that they deserve, so they can get the care and support that they need.

If you work in council, or on reception at a fitness centre, run programs that involve older adults, or just want to get a better understanding of this diverse age group, then this is the course for you.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction & Overview

    • Introduction

    • Overview

  • 2

    1. Introducing Older Adults

    • Quiz

    • Video: What does "old" really mean?

    • Who is an older adult?

    • Case Study: People aged 40-59 are least happy and most anxious, report finds

  • 3

    2. The Ageing Process - Physical Changes

    • Quiz

    • Interview: Building muscle as we age

    • What is happening physically

    • Case Study: Resistance training improves muscle strength for nursing home residents

  • 4

    3. The Ageing Process - Physiological Changes

    • Quiz

    • Interview: How memory is affected as we age

    • What is happening physiologically

    • Case Study: Physical games improve memory in older adults

  • 5

    4. The Ageing Process: Psychological Changes

    • Quiz

    • Interview: Walking styles and subjective age

    • What is happening psychologically

    • Case Study: Depression a risk factor for falls in an older community-dwelling population

  • 6

    5. Communicating with Older Adults

    • Quiz

    • Interview: Managing expectations with older adults

    • Communicating with our older adults

    • Case Study: Overcoming Elderspeak

  • 7

    6. Creating Community

    • Quiz

    • Interview: How learning styles change

    • Building a positive environment

    • Case Study: The Soothing Effect of Physical Touch

  • 8


    • Assessment Notice

    • Final Assessment

  • 9

    Course Survey

    • Successful completion

    • Course Survey