Understanding Older Adults

Save money with two courses together!

Are you committed to understanding and serving older adults? Do you want to train yourself, or your team of volunteers or employees, in how to best accommodate and adapt to the changing needs of older adults?

Older adults are a unique group of people with challenges of their own. We need to have an awareness of how older adults learn, communicate, understand, and behave, so we can then design programs, websites, services, events, and facilities that meet their needs.

We've put together two short online courses that educate and raise awareness for the changes older adults are facing, and how we can respond appropriately to those changes. Complete each course individually, or save money by buying the bundle and completing them together!

Click on each course below to learn more about all the topics we cover in each course. Come back here to buy the bundle and save big!

Courses included: Communicating with Older Adults and Designing for Older Adults
Price: $68 per person (individual courses $39 each)
Group Discount: Available on request. Contact us today!