Older adults fitness training

For both beginner and experienced instructors

Third Age Fitness are passionate about training instructors to be able to deliver fun and effective exercise classes. Our workshops are just the same - fun and effective, leaving you with lots of practical tips for how you can put together a great class, and how you can become a great older adults fitness instructor.

We are always developing new courses to train and equip instructors, whether they are new to working with older adults or are experienced instructors. So whether you just need PDPs and CECs for your registration, or you are looking to learn a new skill, or just need some new ideas and inspiration, have a look at our courses and sign up today!

The objective of these workshops is to give instructors an overall understanding of the differences between older adults and those younger than this group, to give you the resources and skills to design and deliver an interesting, effective and appropriate older adults class, and to prepare you for the challenges that teaching this age group presents.

All workshops are fully accredited by Physical Activity Australia and Fitness Australia.

Older Adult Fitness - Level 1

2 days | 3PDPs or 14CECs

Aimed at instructors who are new to the industry or have limited experience with older adults, this is a comprehensive introduction to working with those in their third age.
Older Adult Fitness Workshops for instructors

Older Adult Fitness - Level 2

1 day | 2PDPs or 7CECs

For experienced instructors already in the industry who are looking to develop further skills in working with older adults.
Older Adult Fitness Workshops for instructors