Older adults fitness training

For both beginner and experienced instructors

Third Age Fitness is passionate about training and educating people who work with older adults. Too often we see older adults underestimated, either by themselves or by others around them, but we believe that with a little encouragement, and in the right environment, older adults can build and maintain their physical and mental well being to a level that will see them enjoy and participate in life to the fullest.

Our online courses are aimed at fitness professionals looking to work with older adults, or for those who interact with older adults in their workplace, such as council and fitness centre staff. So whether you just need PDPs/CECs for your registration, or you are looking to grow your understanding and communication skills with this age group, have a look at our courses and sign up today!
Introduction to Working with Older Adults
Duration: 3 hours | Accreditation: 1PDPs, 2CECs

Designed for fitness professionals, this course covers the physical, physiological and psychological changes that older adults are experiencing, how that can affect them, and how instructors can respond and adapt to accommodate.
Introduction to Working with Older Adults online course for fitness instructors
Communicating with Older Adults
Duration: 1.5 hours | Accreditation: n/a

Aimed at workers and volunteers who interact with older adults, providing a general understanding of the changes and challenges that older adults are facing, and how people can adjust their language and behaviour to suit.
Communicating with Older Adults online course
Designing for Older Adults
Duration: 1.5 hours | Accreditation: n/a

Tailored for those who design websites, newsletters, flyers, events, rooms, and systems for older adults. Learn how to create effective communications, safe spaces, and appropriate processes, and become age-friendly.
Designing for Older Adults