Equipping fitness professionals

To provide great older adults fitness training

Need professional development points? Want to improve your skills for working with and training older adults? Get equipped to provide better workouts for participants today.

Older adults are a special group of people and we think they deserve special understanding and consideration, so we want to ensure that people who interact with older adults on a day to day basis have that awareness and respect for older adults.

Accredited Course Provider

Course accreditation from Fitness Australia, Physical Activity Australia

Online Training

It's so convenient to learn at home, so we've put together online courses so you can do just that - learn in your own time, at your own pace. Our courses look at all aspects of working with older adults, and how you can adapt your classes and exercises to help older adults get the most out of their workout.

Professional Membership

Are you new to the fitness industry? Or just starting your career working with older adults? Membership is designed for fitness professionals, instructors and trainers, to support and equip you with training discounts, freebies, class plans and more. We want to help you become the best you can be as you work with older adults.

Circuit Cards

Do you run circuit classes and want to add in something new? Or add some interest to the resistance section in your classes and create a mini circuit? We have an extensive range of over 200 A4 colour circuit station cards available for purchase to make your classes quick and easy to set up.


Do you want to learn how to build and teach a freestyle aerobics class? Or build on the skills you already have? Our workshops, currently running via Zoom, give you all the background to working with older adults, as well as a heap of practical skills that will teach you the components of a great freestyle class, and how to become a great older adults instructor.

Trudi's 10

There is always something new to learn - new ideas, new exercises, new techniques, new understanding for how we can work with older adults to bring out the best in them physically and mentally. Trudi's 10 addresses a different topic each time, and give you 10 reasons, 10 ideas, 10 insights, so we keep growing as professionals.


Carol has coached and mentored instructors for more than 20 years, and is passionate about training the next generation of instructors to be skilled, dedicated, fantastic instructors. Whether you are looking to build confidence, create better classes, or just get a deeper understanding of older adults, Carol offers a one-on-one service that is completely tailored to you. Coaching sessions can be one-off or on an ongoing basis.